Vegetable Garden

Have a raised bed vegetable garden installed just steps from your door!  Gardening in raised beds allows for more productivity in a smaller space, and the wood framing looks great with other landscaping. 

Beds are constructed using cedar planks, then filled with rich compost to give the plants plenty of nutrients to thrive throughout the season. An automated drip irrigation system does the watering work.

Backyard Harvest offers regular visits to keep the garden in optimal condition, such as staking/pruning for maximum productivity, applying fertilizer and organic pest control as needed, and adjusting irrigation. We are more than happy to guide you in the fundamentals of vegetable gardening, or provide advice by email or phone.

What can one 4’ x 8’ raised bed grow?  For example:
- 5 tomato, 8 pepper, 1 squash
- 2 tomato, 2 cucumber, 24 green bean
- 6 broccoli, 6 cabbage, 12 garlic
- lots of leafy greens and root crops

Warm season veggies (planted spring through summer)
Green beans, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers,
squash, tomatoes, zucchini
Cool season veggies (planted early spring and fall)
Beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, garlic, kale, lettuce,
radishes, spinach, turnips

If you already have a vegetable garden and need to get it back into shape for planting, or if you would like some help during the growing season, call or email for
friendly, professional service.

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