Justin Price is a licensed Landscape Horticulturalist with a bachelor's degree in Resource Biology & Biodiveristy from ULL. He offers traditional landscape installation as well as specialized designs and species, with emphasis on low maintenance.

Edible Landscaping
Complement the vegetable garden with more edible landscaping such as fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and herb gardens.  These will make beautiful and useful additions to your landscaping.  Herb gardens can be installed in raised beds just like the vegetable garden, or in containers on the patio.  Lettuce and peppers can be planted in landscaping beds just like annual flowers.

Butterfly Gardens
Attract butterflies to your yard with colorful flowering plants.  A combination of nectar-producing and host plants will invite a variety of butterflies to stay for a while.  A diverse planting of shrubs, perennials and annuals will flower from spring through fall and provide butterflies with the food they need throughout the season.

Native Landscaping and Woodland Gardens
We specialize in using native plant species for beautiful and hardy landscaping. Native trees, shrubs, and perennials are adapted to our climate and don't need extra attention once they are established.  There are countless species that provide interest in the form of texture, flowering, fall color, and more.  Native plants also attract birds and butterflies by providing nesting habitat and food.  If you have a shaded setting, we can design plantings of understory trees, shrubs, and perennials that thrive in the dappled light of a woodland. 

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Take the work out of watering! We can install automated irrigation to landscape trees and shrubs, flower beds, or vegetable gardens. Drip irrigation is highly efficient, long-lasting and discrete. Irrigation is a must-have for new landscaping and vegetable gardens.
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